The number one mistake I see most couples make

Thank you for the beautiful photo Two People by Agi Davis

If you want a good wedding read for shiz check out “A Practical Wedding: creative ideas for planning a beautiful, affordable and meaningful celebration” by Meg Keene.

One of the books sentiments that always stuck me is this:

You begin wedding planning feeling like you’re a superhero. You’re taller than the tallest man ready to take on the world.

By the end you’re red faced and flushed, panting heavily, having lost your shiny cape forty emails ago.

I like to think my superpower is creating clarity.

Checklist, systems and process are my strengths. Chaos is my kryptonite. (Bam! I love a good analogy).

The first thing I am always asked to clarify is this: what is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist?

I have spoken to fellow stylists in the industry who agree that the number one mistake most couples make is this: they confuse a styling service with a planning or coordination service.

Couples book their styling services thinking they are getting a certain level of coordination or management for the day. A rude shock ensures when this turns out not to be the case.

The best place to start is to think of it like this:

A wedding planner is present during your ceremony and reception.

A wedding stylist is not.

Can you picture it now?

What is a wedding stylist then?

A stylist is usually a multi-talented creative person. They can put together flower arrangements or make custom craft items for you. You are limited by their skill set, hire range or design style.

Sometimes On the Day Coordination service’s can overlap with the responsibilities of a stylist and vice versa. It really depends on how each business operates.

At We Heart Events I offer a service that solves this overlap: Design + On the Day Coordination

I use the term design because I approach things differently to a traditional stylist. As the name suggests you get the benefit of my strongest superpower: planning and management. On the Day Coordination is built in so there are no surprises. I have you covered.

From the design perspective my job is to put my design degree to work by creating and overseeing a cohesive design concept.

Based on the design concept we develop, I find the right creative person for each individual styling component. I personally don’t physically create anything for you (a girl can only be so amazing you know).

On the day it’s usually a team effort between the creative professional and myself to set everything up for you.

Then my main job as On the Day Coordinator is to be one point of contact for everyone so you don’t have to be.

I also make decisions on your behalf if any surprises arise; we’re running behind schedule etc. That’s where the benefit of my experience comes in handy over asking a friend to help.

There is also another thing you can ever be absolutely sure of.

I won’t be wearing heels to your wedding.

You of course know where I am if you need any Wedding Planning, Design or On the Day Coordination service (over here at We Heart Events >)

Because I believe weddings are a unique time for intense love, optimism and hope. And if you are better informed and better prepared you will have a better chance to tap in to this joy.

And more joy in the world is a good thing.

Happy Planning,


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Hi, I’m Amanda Vodic, principal planner at We Heart Events and founder of Wedding Planning Masterclass. I work with couples that are CRAZY EXCITED about creating beautiful, meaningful, all-kinds of wonderful weddings. I help you get more joy from the wedding planning experience - while making it feel like it’s so easy you could become one of the pros yourselves.

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