A simple trick to writing your own wedding vows

Thank you for the beautiful photo Two People by Agi Davis

On Christmas Day, our dog went missing.

Yep. Mr Rory Calhoun decided Christmas dinner down the road smelt better.

It was the most horrible feeling to walk in to the yard and realise he wasn’t there.

In these moments everything becomes crystal clear.

I don’t care that he chews up my towels, pulls up the vege garden or drives us crazy forever trying to get inside the house.

As long as he is back with us, that is all that matters.

As a wedding planner I often hear this sentiment: “at the end of the day, as long as we are married, that is all that matters”

Putting some personal touches into your ceremony can be a great way to keep focused on this during your planning.

(Plus Inside jokes about not replacing toilet paper rolls always guarantees a chuckle).

Writing something from scratch is not everyone’s cup of tea.

I think it’s a combination of factors:

  1. You’re juggling so much with the rest of your wedding planning, you never find the time to do it;
  2. You don’t feel you’re ‘creative’ enough;
  3. Or like many other things wedding planning related – you just need a place to start.

I solve the first problem for you in our Wedding Planning Masterclass. Here I show the best way to approach each phase of your planning including creating an awesome ceremony (tick!).

As for not feeling creative enough or needing a place to start?

For you I have this little trick to writing special ceremony readings or personalized wedding vows

Let’s take a look at a poem I wrote (I use the term ‘poem’ loosely).

I read this at the wedding of two of my dearest friends.

Their engagement was low key and gorgeous (just like them).

He took her on a bush walk, and they sat down at the edge of a cliff overlooking a waterfall.

He turned to her and asked “will you jump of a cliff with me?”

Her initial look of horror/confusion was quickly turned to astonishment and joy as he pulled a ring out of his pocket.

I was asked to be a bridesmaid (whoohoo!) and they graciously let me read my poem, sight unseen.

It’s my spin on the well known “love is patient” from Corinthians chapter 13

(Side note: we are all big fans of the US The Office. Some of the references might be lost on you if you’ve never seen it. Go see the Niagara Falls episodes (aka the wedding episode) in season six. It’s a tearjerker.)

Love is patient, love is kind,

It does not envy, it is not boastful

Unless of course you’re Alan driving a half a million dollar Audio during the proposal, then all bets are off.

It is not proud.

It is not deceitful

It is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered.

It keeps no record of wrongdoing.

So we’ll forget the time Emily bought shoes and hid them in her car so Alan wouldn’t find out.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, that despite all the time you spend at the gym he can still run faster than you.

Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preservers, and will now always get a taxi instead of making her walk for an hour from the train station to your house when you first met.

There is no limit to its faith, love and endurance necessary for the 14 hour round car trip to his home town.

There is nothing love cannot face.

Love is hiring a professional photographer to take the mental pictures.

It is knowing a boat was plan c;

Today was plan b;

And plan a was marrying her a long, long time ago, pretty much the day you met. 

Love is Emily and Al,

Walking out to the edge of a waterfall, and taking a risk. 

Love makes your risk a sure thing.

Okay, it’s not Shakespeare.

Some of the ‘in’ jokes are probably lost on you. But did you pick up on what I did there?

I used the traditional version of the poem as the foundation then altered it with personal anecdotes to suit

You could do this with anything. A creative take on ‘Cat in the hat’ anyone?

You may not win the Pulitzer prize for writing but I’m confident anyone can use this to write a special reading or even their own personal wedding vows.

I hope something beautiful grows from this seed of an idea we have planted today.

Because I believe if you are better informed and better prepared you will have a more joyful wedding planning experience.

And more joy in the world is a good thing...


…. as for what happened with for Mr Calhoun? We were reunited 3 hours later. A gorgeous family had fed him dinner, given him cuddles, a new name and were ready to adopt him. Naturally.

Happy Planning,

x Amanda


Hi, I’m Amanda Vodic, principal planner at We Heart Events and founder of Wedding Planning Masterclass. I work with couples that are CRAZY EXCITED about creating beautiful, meaningful, all-kinds of wonderful weddings. I help you get more joy from the wedding planning experience - while making it feel like it’s so easy you could become one of the pros yourselves.

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