Wedding Planning Masterclass

If you have big dreams for your wedding but are struggling to get everything within a reasonable budget…

If you’re excited about all your styling options but lie awake at night worrying about how to bring it all together like you’re picturing …

If you’ve looked down the barrel of your wedding planning and thought, “where do we even start with all this”…

Then Wedding Planning Masterclass is for you

In this online step by step I show you brides and grooms to be the exact wedding planning and styling process that I use with my own clients so you too can:

✓   Plan your wedding like a pro

✓  Make the most of the budget you have

✓   Get clear on your style direction

✓   And create a stunning, perfectly executed wedding that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come

Does this sound familiar?

You’re excited. You’re resourceful. You’re hand in hand ready to take on this challenge together.

Yet it’s started to dawn on you both that this wedding thing can be complicated. (It’s certainly a lot more expensive than you thought, yowsers!).  

You’ve downloaded every checklist you can find, you’ve purchased all the magazines, and you’ve started checking out a blog post or two hundred. You’ve found a ton of advice. Yet with checklist in hand you’re still left wondering: “okay, but how do we actually do this thing?”

How do we know what suppliers are offering a quality product at a reasonable rate?
How do we manage a budget from start to finish when we don’t know how many guests are coming until it’s nearly the day?
How can we be sure we haven’t overlooked anything that applies to the unique circumstances of our day?

I hear you my friend. You’re not feeling like this because you’re not capable. It’s because wedding planning checklists don’t work. The weird thing about planning weddings is it feels like it should be so much simpler than it is. When in reality it’s a process that can be a lot more complex than simply checking off a to-do list.

EVEN Planning the most laid back of weddings without previous experience can mean you’ll:

End up spending money on things you don’t need

End up with styling that isn’t quite right

And end up spending your time juggling everything on your to-do list that you don’t even get to have a good time

I’ve heard countless similar stories from brides after their weddings:

  • “I definitely would have hired a wedding planner or at least an on the day coordinator to mange all the details that were overlooked on our day. I really thought that we couldn't afford this extra service but looking back this help would have been invaluable & would have made the whole experience more enjoyable - & you can't put a price on that! I'm a perfectionist, I worry, over plan, over analyse & I thought i had it all planned out but never having planned a wedding before there are obviously a lot of things that I had never even thought of until the day & at that point it was too late.”
    — Former Bride via Facebook
  • This course is worth it's weight in gold!
    — Tennile 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be
  • Thanks to your master class (we’re) under budget which means we can now splurge on some ceremony upgrades
    — Sacha 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be
  • I listened to the start of the first week… and was amazed at how much information you provide in the program!
    — Alison 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be
  • To future brides considering WPMC - just jump in! You won't regret it for a second and your wedding (plus your sanity) will be better for it!
    — Laura 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be
  • I'm an organised person as it is but having the guidance from Amanda and WPMC has meant that I haven't needed to reinvent the wheel during the planning process. Amanda knows what works and I've just made small tweaks along the way to suit me
    — Kylie 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be
  • The examples Amanda provided were fantastic
    — Alison 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be

Tell ME: how much better would it be...

…if you knew the exact steps to create an amazing wedding right now? Rather than having to go through the entire process not knowing all the really important stuff until it’s too late. Potentially waking up the day after your wedding realizing all the ways you could have done it better.

How much better would it be for you:

To have a roadmap so you can answer the age old question ‘where do we start’ and be better prepared for what’s next

To have industry insights so you can be better informed to ‘how it all works’ and save yourself some money along the way

To have everything in your hands right now to bring to life exactly the day you’ve been envisioning rather than spending more countless hours trying to piece together every ‘how to’ blog post you can find on every ever expanding corner of the internet

The premium online wedding planning and styling step by step

I know many couples would benefit from the knowledge and insight of a professional wedding planner

Yet you’re excited to plan this wedding yourselves right?

So I’m going to give you my exact wedding planning and styling step by step, so you’ll have all the industry insight you need to pull off an amazing wedding - without paying the usual $6,000+ wedding planner price tag.

This expertise is right at your fingertips, being delivered to you exclusively online.

The official Wedding Planning Masterclass online doors open a limited number of times each year.

Amanda - thank you SO SO much for providing this incredible program. It has been such a highlight of my wedding planning… it has lived up to every expectation… you are amazing at what you do. To future brides considering WPMC - just jump in! You won’t regret it for a second and your wedding (plus your sanity) will be better for it!
— Laura, 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be

You’re in very capable hands.

hi I’m Amanda, Principal Planner at We Heart Events and Founder of Wedding Planning Masterclass.

I loved planning our wedding so much, I quit my job and got a job as an events planner.

I’ve spent 8 years living and breathing all things weddings. And if working as a professional event planner taught me anything it’s this: there’s just nothing quite like a wedding.

People can say “it’s just a piece of paper”… People can say “it’s just a big party”… and while I do believe it’s good to keep a level head about things, the truth is, it’s just not.

No matter how you approach your wedding it’s unlike anything you’ll ever do in your life.

It’s a time of intense love, optimism and hope.

It’s a meaningful time when you can reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going. Yet you can be robbed of this joy when you’re dealing with the intensity that can come along with planning a wedding.

I believe if you are better informed and better prepared you will have a better chance to tap back in to this joy.

When you’ve got a handle on the planning you have more time and energy for the people in your life. When you’re less stressed about your budget, you have more love and patience to nurture any unexpected issues as your relationships start to change.

I know when you’re spending less time worrying about the logistics; you’ll have more time to revel in the joy and excitement.  

That’s why I created Wedding Planning Masterclass for you.

So many couples miss out on help they really need because spending money on a 1:1 wedding planning and styling service is just out of the question. I get it. I was once a bride in your shoes too.

Come join me for a more joyful wedding planning experience in Wedding Planning Masterclass.

This course is worth it’s weight in gold!
— Tenielle, 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be

Getting you ready for the next big adventure

How wedding planning masterclass works


Wedding Planning Masterclass is going to help you get as much as you want from the budget that you have. So you won’t look at your bank account the day after your wedding and think “if only we’d realized…”


Wedding Planning Masterclass is going to show you how to bring together a cohesive styling concept. So that it all comes together on the day like you’ve been picturing…


Wedding Planning Masterclass is going to take you behind the scenes of the wedding industry. So you know how different busienss’ work, know the right questions to ask, and don’t experience deposit regret…


Wedding Planning Masterclass is going to take your organisation to the next level! You’ll get a clear, logical step by step. So that everything falls into place on the day and you and your finacé have the most amazing time…

Your golden ticket to Wedding Planning Masterclass includes full access to:

The complete 6 phase step by step of what tasks to complete, what decisions to make and what to move on to next

See how to create a cohesive styling concept and have the tools so you can do this too

Get my budget management process so you can get as much as you want within what you can afford

Get clear on what you want before you dive in – no deposit regret for you!

I show you how to find the right suppliers for you, find quality services at resonable prices, and negotiate the best deals

Be safe in the knowledge that nothing has been left off your to-do list

Phase One

  • Create our outline for the most amazing day
  • The trick to how we can involve family from the start without making it about everyone else
  • Figure out what we can afford and how much we want to spend
  • Decide on who we really want to invite and why it’s so important to do that now
  • Discover the complete industry formula for managing our wedding budget from the get-go

Phase Two

  • All the things we should look for when researching venues
  • The number one question for our shortlisted venues that most couples don’t think to ask
  • The price range I shouldn’t exceed for our reception + catering (based on overall budget) 
  • What to look for in our supplier contracts so we're not caught out
  • BONUS: The special considerations for private property and marquee weddings
  • BONUS: The ultimate wet weather plan

Phase Three

  • How the styling industry works so I book the right suppliers for our needs (or hand over to a professional)
  • Getting clear on our concept with the two key things that will help us decide on a style direction 
  • How we can bring together different styles we love without it becoming one big mess
  • The beginners to advanced styling techniques we can use to style our wedding like a pro
  • The crucial timeframe we need to stick to make sure it all comes together on time
  • BONUS: how to create a floor plan to ensure everyone's comfortable

Phase Four

  • How to identify every supplier we might need so we can avoid any budget blowouts
  • The best way to get organized so we can streamline our supplier search 
  • All the questions to ask each different supplier so we get the most accurate quotes first time
  • BONUS: the art of negotiation
  • BONUS: how to score the best deals from my suppliers

Phase Five

  • See the exact list of tasks that need to get done so we don’t lose sleep worrying that something has been overlooked
  • The best approach to tackling our to do list so it doesn’t feel like we have 100 balls in the air all the time!
  • What we should do now for our ceremony and reception preparations
  • How to tackle our styling projects so it’s an enjoyable process and not just another thing to get done

Phase Six

  • How our preparations will pay off with a (almost) pain-free RSVP process
  • All the things we should let our suppliers know now so it’s not a mad rush at the end
  • How to manage final guest numbers with your venue to make sure you're not paying for guests who don't come
  • Understand how much help we need on the day so we have the most amazing time
  • See how we can delegate jobs to family and friends while ensuring they still enjoy their day (or hand over to a professional instead)
  • BONUS: the best timelines for speeches, dancing and dinner

All up you get:

audioS for each phase of the step by step


A Comprehensive wedding planning workbook

worksheets to brainstorm and keep track of your ideas


The official Wedding Planning Masterclass online doors are open for a limited time only


I’ve been humbled and excited that not only have couples been getting lots from the program, other wedding planners and stylists have too. Anyone coming through the official Wedding Planning Masterclass online step-by-step is welcome to join our Wedding Planning Masterclass Pro Community.

If you’re a planner or stylist just starting out and looking to soak up as much valuable knowledge as you can with; or you’re looking for some clarity around structuring your services and growing your business; or you’re a bride thinking ‘mmm I’m really enjoying this, maybe I could try my hand at this professionally after our wedding’ - Wedding Planning Masterclass Pro is for you.

You can join in the Wedding Planning Masterclass Pro Community at any stage and receive an additional bonus training where I show you how to take what you’ve learned to create a solid foundation for your own business. Plus you’ll receive a ton of support from other wedding planners and stylists as well.

No extra fees. It’s another bonus you can take up when you join.

I love the course because while I understand business and events I’ve never had a layout of what I need to tell my brides. The best order of how to better educate them and make this a pleasant process. Now I have and am learning structure, now I have clarity.  I knew a little from my wedding experience but I am learning things everyday with the audios… I think that the sooner I know how the industry works professionally through a professional than I will (find) my mojo… The course is great.
— Ngaire, 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Wedding Planner

Now we have found a venue that ticks all the boxes and we didn’t have to compromise, settle, or change our original vision. I have WPMC/you to thank for that!
— Tenielle, 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be

+ Where do I need to be located in order to join?

This is an online program – you can be located anywhere in the world! Everything is delivered to you via email and the online membership website.

+ How can I be sure this content will apply to my wedding?

I have managed events from 10 to over 1000 guests. I have created weddings in museums, theatres, hotel function rooms, restaurants and in the middle of a cow paddock.

I’ve ensured the depth and breadth of content applies to most weddings. Should you find yourself dealing with a specific detail or scenario that isn’t covered, you will have access to me via the private members group to answer any questions and give you guidance where you need.

+We haven’t set a date. Is it too early to join?

It’s never too early to join! In fact, the content starts right from the moment you get engaged and decide you want to have a wedding. You also get lifetime access. That means for as long as this is running you always have access. And don’t worry – this is my flagship service, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

+Argh, we've ALREADY done a lot of planning, will we still find this valueable?

Ah, I understand your predicament. Your wedding planning dollars are precious and you want to be certain that you're spending them wisely. Let me say this: I have heard time and time again from couples AFTER their weddings "I wish we had known...". I've also had former brides come through the program (with their eye on working in the industry) who've told me even they've gotten a ton out of it. As the saying goes: you don't know what you don't know right?

If you want some extra reassurance that you're getting the most value you'll want to sign up during the EARLY BIRD SIGN UP BONUSES where you'll get even more amazing stuff to make your wedding planning experience memorable (and even help you save more money along the way).

+I want a casual wedding. Will this just make the whole thing more complicated?

This is not about trying to persuade you to spend more money than you want or overcomplicate your wedding by planning out every second of your day.

Wedding Planning Masterclass will ensure that even at the most casual of weddings you and your guests have the most amazing time.
I want our wedding to be different and a reflection of us.

+Will this step-by-step mean our wedding is just going to be like everyone else’s?

I had the experience of working as an event planner at the same time as being a bride planning a wedding. I have a really good understanding of what constitutes a standard event requirement to where couples have the opportunity to do things their way.

I’ve created the program from this point of view: to ensure that it’s not about following a cookie cutter wedding planning recipe. It’s giving you the exact steps you need, so you are in the position to put your own unique spin on things.

+How do I get the content?

Content is divided into 6 phases. You will receive access instantly on joining.

Every Monday you will receive an email to help you work through the next phase.You’ll receive an email with an overview of the content; then you can access all audios, videos, worksheets and checklist.

+Can I share the content with my fiancé?

Of course! Tackling your wedding planning with your fiancé can be one of the most joyful parts of the experience.

Content is copyright protected and cannot be shared or distributed in any other way with any other person. The only exception is your completed wedding workbook and worksheet, which you can give to your suppliers.

+Do I have to complete the wedding workbook and all the worksheets?

Do what works for you. This is not an exam. Your wedding workbook and wedding worksheets are supplied to help you brainstorm and keep track during the planning process.

If that’s not how you roll, all good. You will still get access to the content via MP3 audio and PDF transcript to help you through the steps.
I hate technology.

+Am I going to have to learn some fancy software to join?

Wedding Planning Masterclass is not a software system. It’s not an App. It is a process, a guide. You don’t have to learn any new technology to use it.

You will access the content through the Wedding Planning Masterclass website with a unique username and password. A basic understanding of word and excel would be great, but not necessary. You can print everything out and keep it all in hardcopy if you prefer.

+I’ve been planning my wedding for some time. Won’t that mean the majority of the content won’t apply to me?

The beauty for those of you who’ve already started planning is that by seeing the entire step by step you can pick up on any areas you may have overlooked.

It will ensure you are completely on top of things PLUS you’ll benefit from the final stages of getting organised so that you can handover the execution of the day, so you can actually sit back and enjoy all the hard work you’ve put in.

+I’m trying to achieve a $65k wedding on a $10k budget. Will Wedding Planning Masterclass give me the inside tips to do this?

No. There is no magic wand. No special tricks. No super power that I have to magic away the real costs of industry pricing. What I can do is help you maximise what you do have in what you can afford, and show details you may have overlooked that can help you spend your money more wisely.

+Pssst… I’m not actually engaged yet. Can I join?

We’ll, you’re a little firecracker! You can totally join whenever you want. You get lifetime access, so it will be here when you do eventually get engaged and start wedding planning.

+Can I join Wedding Planning Masterclass anytime?

Yes. Join now at any time.

+Psst… I’m actually interested in become a Wedding Planner or Stylist. Will this help me with my career goals?

You’re a smart chickadee. Yes, it probably can. You’re very welcome to join in too! I will have a special group for planners and stylist to be to help you with your specific career interests questions etc.

+Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Babes - IT'S FREE!

… I’m now up to Week 5 of the Masterclass, and I have to say that the content in Week 3 and 4 has been fantastic. I now have my fiancé listening to some of them as well, and it is a really fast way for us to get on the same page! Well worth the money spent!
— Alison, 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be
The Masterclass is going great I’m really enjoying the content so far ... It truly is putting everything into perspective. I’m taking lots of notes, I love the order of how the process works.
— Ngaire, 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Participant
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