WPMCS 011: Guest vs. Professional - what it's like to be a 'working guest' at a wedding

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Last week I had a spot of lunch with the fam fam for my Dad’s birthday (49 again!?).

Fresh off a wedding the day before (well, that morning – I didn’t get home until 1am) combined with my brother planning his own wedding, the conversation was pretty much weddings, weddings, weddings.

When someone else got a word in (I’m not lying when I say I can talk weddings all day) we turned to my gorgeous future-sister-in-law to ask how the wedding plans were going.

She looked at me wide eyed:

“You just get so.much.advice”.

You’d think I’d feel sheepish but I’VE BEEN SO GOOD not to stick my nose in (well… much. I’m waging a mental war with my bro about the chairs. If I think about it enough he’ll finally cave right?).

I’ve been in your shoes, and I get it. Former brides and grooms (and planners, holla!) are quick to dish out advice.

Here’s the thing: when the wedding’s done and dusted you’ll feel like Beyoncé circa 2001 with destiny’s child, somewhere in the south pacific.

READ: a survivor.

(Except you’re not singing sassy lines about your break-up, wearing camo in the jungle. That might not have been the best analogy – I’ll try better next time).

Brides on the other side (horror movie?) could write a manual about all the things they’ve learnt along the way. How they survived.

With 20/20 vision it’s always SO CLEAR on what they would have done differently.


Yet I also know you’re throwing some deep coin at your day. You want to make the most of this moment.

That does require some considered thought. Which means listening to a little bit of advice here and there.

One of the things you might be mentally weighing up is whether you should ask guests for help or hire a professional.

In today’s Wedding Planning Masterclass Show I share my two cents on being a ‘working guest’ at a wedding.

Take a listen to decide how you feel about asking guests to help at your wedding:

Asking a guest to help over using a professional is something that really depends on you, your situation, and the person in question.

Brace yourself: here’s the advice coming at ya….

When delegating jobs to guests, you want to be really, really, really, really, really, really honest with yourself in terms of how attached you are to the outcome.

Expectation is like the amount of lynx my brother used in his teens.

You can smell it from a mile away.

Take a listen and try my advice on for size. You can always return it with the tags on later.

Are you tossing up asking guests over using a professional? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time,



Hi, I’m Amanda Vodic, principal planner at We Heart Events and founder of Wedding Planning Masterclass. I work with couples that are CRAZY EXCITED about creating beautiful, meaningful, all-kinds of wonderful weddings. I help you get more joy from the wedding planning experience - while making it feel like it’s so easy you could become one of the pros yourselves.

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