Hey friends, I’m Amanda Vodic

I help couples like you get more joy from the wedding planning experience – while making it feel like it’s so easy you could become one of the pros yourself.

If you’re dying for some inside tips on how to make the most of your wedding planning experience; don’t mind a joke no matter how bad; and above all love all things weddings – you’re in the right place! Read on:

In my other day job I’m Principal Planner at We Heart Events, creating beautiful, meaningful, all-kinds-of- wonderful weddings.

I created Wedding Planning Masterclass to empower more couples, looking to create their meaningful weddings, with a transparent and informative wedding planning experience.

Because there is nothing like the lightning bolt of love, optimism and hope that comes with the momentous decision to get married.

Your engagement puts a spotlight on your big love, and the importance of family and friends coming together to share in that joy.

Yet the logistical realities of planning a wedding can take away from this precious time of joy and celebration. (That cake comes in many flavours. You may have already had a taste!).

I believe if you're better informed on the pricing and value of services; better prepared for what is required to create the wedding day you envision; you’ll have the space to nurture your relationships with loved ones, sharing in a deeper level of love and connection.

This gives you a better chance to tap back in to the joy. The world will be the better for this.

more joy in the world is a good thing.

Wedding Planning Masterclass is here to contribute to a positive, meaningful conversation on what a wedding could mean, and should represent in our culture. I encourage transparency, kindness, humour and commitment.

If you’re here you’re probably on the same page too! I bet you’re also a teeny bit excited about throwing a shiz hot wedding that’s going to blow everyone away. That’s okay – stick with me, because you can totally have it both ways.

Wedding Planning Masterclass is about to change the way we do weddings, leading the industry in online wedding planning expert advice, services and products. It is the go-to online resource for couples and wedding professionals alike to access industry expertise.

I’m here so we can create a more joyful wedding planning experience for everyone.

I’m spreading the love via The Wedding Planning Masterclass podcast, blog and official online step-by-step program.

If you work (or want to work) in the wedding industry you can join me behind the scenes here for specifics on the business of wedding planning and styling.

When I’m not creating first-of- their-kind wedding planning products you can find me on my yoga mat, walking my fur baby or grossing out strangers with public displays of affection for the number one man in my life.

Ready to start your wedding planning?

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From budgets of $5,000 to $100,000+ every couple I’ve spoken with has said managing their wedding budget was their number one wedding planning stress. I mean, how can you ‘budget’ for a wedding when you’ve never thrown this kind of party?

I realised that if you could see a variety of real life wedding budgets you’ll be in a better position to figure out what is really important to you both.

And that’s really the best place to start.

So here for you are some dollar-by- dollar breakdown of a real Australian wedding budgets grab your copies!

  • To future brides considering WPMC - just jump in! You won't regret it for a second and your wedding (plus your sanity) will be better for it!
    — Laura 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be
  • I'm an organised person as it is but having the guidance from Amanda and WPMC has meant that I haven't needed to reinvent the wheel during the planning process. Amanda knows what works and I've just made small tweaks along the way to suit me
    — Kylie 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be
  • The examples Amanda provided were fantastic
    — Alison 2016 Wedding Planning Masterclass Bride to Be
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Not done yet? Here are 7 random things about me.

My husband and I go to the same café so many times for brunch, they changed the menu to suit our usual order. Classic.

I enjoy organizing and making lists. Like, alot. At my last job I used so many post-it- notes they had me on a ration. Suh-eriously.

I’m a sucker for an I-laughed- so-hard- I-cried TV love story. Pam and Jim realizing their more than just friends: cue me bawling my eyes out.

Growing up I thought my passion in life was to be an actress. Turns out the ability to project my voice across a room did not an Oscar winning actress make. Who knew?

I’ve never really liked my name, but I like it much better than ‘Mandy’. You can call me Mandy as much as you like. I just won’t return your calls or emails or respond to you in general. (Now I’ve just offended everyone named Mandy. Soz).

I was once voted “most likely to do anything on a dare”. Now day’s I’m more likely to drink a green smoothie than do a shot of tequila soooooo… probably not anymore.

I totally predicted season six of Game of Thrones. If you reveal anything remotely close to a spoiler, we can’t be friends.

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